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Access Control

Access control is the physical security of a place, building, or complex. It grants access to authorized individuals and denies access to unauthorized individuals. Access control can be in the form of a simple lock and key, or require biometrics.

The most common form of access control is a key card reader. Key cards can be in the form of a badge or a key chain. Many key cards even have the ability to be printed on. Access control is not limited to doorways or standard strikes, it can be in the form of magnetic locks with REX (Request to Exit); as in store front doors, and can grant access to gates, fences, or any other type of entrance. Another benefit of access control is its ability to maintain a log of every access granted and every access denied.

Whether you need access control on one door or an entire facility, we have the means and the expertise to get the job done. From pulling cable to the installation and programming of devices, we will assure that your system performs exactly how you want it to.

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