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Telecommunications is the connection and transfer of data from any electrical device. In laymen's terms, telecommunications is what keeps you connected to your business, and your business connected to the world.

There are three main mediums in which information is transmitted. The most common medium is copper wire; there is also fiber optics, and electromagnetic fields (wireless). Each medium has its advantages and disadvantages; at Cerberus Solutions, we'll pick the right one for you.

From one data line to the complete wiring of your office's network, every cable is run with proper cable management, is tested, and is labeled. Another service that Cerberus Solutions offers is the wiring or re-wiring of server rooms. This entails the rerouting and organization of all cable, the installation of cable management, and the labeling of all cable and devices. We also offer many different Wi-Fi options to keep all of your devices connected throughout your business. Furthermore, we offer the ability to connect sites wirelessly. If you have two locations and running a cable between them is not an option, we can provide you with an alternative.

Telecommunications is a vital part of any business. At Cerberus Solutions, we'll make sure you stay connected!

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